Jabari Henry was born january 14 1991 , col’gate Jamaica . Jabari’s family soon decided they wanted to provide there children with more. They moved to North York Ontario Canada 1993. Jabari attended elementary school, he started to gravitate towards track and field. At the age of 9 Jabari was enrolled and one of the fastest runners in his club. While exceeding in his track club, Jabari always had a passion for music.  He started to record in his parents house. Even though his family members wanted Jabari to pursue track as a career. He never stopped following his desire  for making music, while still exceeding at his track club.  Jabari attended Pine Ridge Seconadary , Pickering Ontario Canada. He started freestyling in arranged events at the school, where the winner is ranked on the charts. Jabari started it as soon as he entered the school. No longer than the first week he started winning all the battles.. Jabari didn’t stop there, he started buying his own equipment  and getting full force into the music game. He soon decided to take his talent to the next level, joining various local artists and performing in front of crowds.  It was just a matter of time before Jabaris talent was noticed by local newspaper. He was the main feature in the article. He also received a certificate for his outstanding performance at the mall.  Jabari started to create his own outlet for his music. While posting up his music, videos,and building a fanbase that stretches worldwide. Taking his own photoshoots and learning how to self promote himself as an artist.

As a unique artist, Jabari had a lot of naysayers. He didn’t focus on the negativity because his fan base reached world wide. Jabari always wanted to seek  management.  He started sending his music to labels. As an artist in Canada, it was very hard to find someone who he could trust with his life/music. He soon found a guy that “claimed” to be management. He was soon exposed as a scam artist. Claiming to own multiple businesses. The scam artist wasted three months of Jabaris time. Jabari didn’t feel discouraged, he continued to pursue his passion. Jabari met a gentleman by the name of M.Jaundoo Owner of Stack Money Records, He was very impressed with his talent and drive. And decided to present Jabari with a contract to be an official artist of Stack Money Records.

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